Speed Laboratory is an experienced, certified and accredited analytical service company, providing scientifically sound comprehensive analytical testing Nutraceutical, Nutritional, Vitamin & supplement industries.
Speed Laboratory understands quality and safety are two of the most challenging issues in the current regulatory environment that are of great concern to today’s health-conscious consumers for Nutraceutical, Nutritional, Vitamin & supplement industries.

With ever-growing competition, it is important for organizations to be reassured that they are getting the exceptional service they expect.

Our analytical lab is staffed with highly trained and experienced chemists skilled can help you

• API Analysis
• Contaminant Identification
• Counterfeit Analysis
• Custom Synthesis
• Degradation Analysis
• Disintegration Studies
• Dissolution Studies
• Pre-FDA & Post-FDA Audit
• Production Risk Management
• Purity/Impurity Analysis
• Raw Material Qualification
• De-formulation/formulation a product,
• complaints of off-color or off odor
• Cleaning Validation
• Process validation
• Material analysis and Identification
• Contamination Identification
• Method Development/validation
• Micro examination
• Endotoxin
• Bioburden
• Total organic Carbon
• Heavy metal
• Research & development (R&D)