Speed Laboratory is a comprehensive analytical testing company that provides various industries with a wide range of services. They have a solid understanding of rules and regulations and the customization required to make them suitable and compliant with the requirements of various industries.
Their approach is to deliver quality work with a fast turnaround.

Speed Laboratory chemists are customer-focused, highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Their philosophy is to consistently exceed customer expectations and anticipate their needs throughout the analytical service process.

Speed Laboratory understands that scientifically sound, legally defensible analytical data is one of the most critical elements for any company operating in today’s highly regulated marketplace. To ensure a project’s data quality objectives are met, Speed Laboratory provides a superior standard of service.

Speed Laboratory provides complete initial pre-planning and consultation, from project management and implementation to final results and sample disposal.

Speed Laboratory performs analyses in accordance with various regulatory programs (i.e., ICH, USP, HPUS and FDA), using both published, and laboratory developed validated test methods. In support of these activities, Speed Laboratory is FDA-inspected and cGMP compliant and is committed to Quality Assurance and Quality Control.


Vision/Mission statement

Speed Laboratory strives to be the analytical laboratory providing exceptional service to those we serve. We recognize that our value is best realized when we participate as partners in your mission.

Our approach is to provide high quality work, establish comprehensive documented evidence, and ensure our client’s pre-specified requirements are met with full satisfaction.